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Organizational Partnerships

Turning Point, Inc. entered into a partnership with the University of Nevada, Reno in 1999 to co-sponsor the Center for Program Evaluation and Partnership Development Services (CPEPDS), housed in the College of Human and Community Sciences. Together, Turning Point, Inc. and CPEPDS have engaged in several evaluation and needs assessment projects, including the statewide needs assessment project for Respite Care; the Nevada School-To-Careers Evaluation, the Nevada Health Division’s development of a statewide evaluation plan for Ryan White funded HIV-AIDS treatment programs, and the development of sustainable evaluation systems for Washoe County School District’s Family Resource Centers and Parent Involvement Committee. CPEPDS also is the primary evaluator for the Clark County “Healthy Hearts” project, funded through the Center for Disease Control to reduce cardiovascular disease among African Americans in the Las Vegas area.

Deborah Loesch-Griffin was co-founder of Community Chest, Inc., a community youth development and community action organization with offices in Virginia City, Storey County, Nevada. CCI was established in 1991 by Shaun Griffin and Deborah Loesch-Griffin who always wanted to work in a place where they could act upon their convictions. The organization, now celebrating its 15th year, was established as an organization that could take risks, steadfastly engage a very divergent, rural Western community in community-building efforts, and translate a vision for social change in their community as well as across the state. This social justice organization continues to serve the needs and priorities of the citizens of Storey County while working on national and state policy issues around hunger, homelessness, domestic violence, and a number of social issues, and providing training and technical assistance to other rural and urban communities around the state using their model for social change. TPI is a business sponsor for their Global Voice International Youth Exchange program and continues to provide support for organizational development and outcomes-based strategic planning.




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